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Tarkeen Keys are items that are found in Turok: Evolution. They are used for opening doors or activating gates.


These keys are not like traditional keys. They are gray, bulbous, and possess a unique mechanism which allows them to hover in place. The keys themselves consist of a flat edged shape that sits around a central metal sphere and greatly resemble the top of Tarkeen's staff. They have a blue glow to them, which pulses every few seconds.

The name suggests that they are affiliated with Tarkeen, but it is not explained as to why exactly they are named that or how they can open the doors with no mechanism to do so. It is possible that the keys are connected to Tarkeen's "dark magic," which may have the power to open any door.


These keys are rarely seen in gameplay, usually only seen in Chapters 1, 5 and 6. After these, they make no further appearances. In gameplay, they are used for activating doors or summoning enemies (as seen with the Sleg Monks in Chapter 5), mainly in the jungle segments.

When touched, they will fade away with a faint "ding" noise, before a door in the map opens, usually accompanied by a cutscene showing the door's location. In one case, the keys summon the arrival of the Sleg Monks.

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