Slaughter by the River of Souls

The Port of Adia
T2 Level I - The Port of Adia


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Joshua Fireseed




  • Activate three distress beacons
  • Rescue four children
  • Activate the Warp Portal
  • Locate and defend the Energy Totem

The Port of Adia is the first level in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


This level takes place within an immense port of the city of Adia. The city is constructed with Hellenistic décor that includes many arches and a variety of pillars. The roadways, or streets, are built with tiles on the sides and the middle is paved with a flat surface made of rock. Some special points of interest are decorated with beautiful waterfalls. There are also locations where flora is present, either planted in pots or growing wild.


"Greetings Turok, I am Adon. The elders of the Lost Land known as the Lazarus Concordance have charged me with the task of guiding you in your quest to stop the Primagen.

The Primagen seeks to destroy the five Energy Totems that keep him imprisoned within the wreckage of his lightship. If he succeeds in destroying all five Energy Totems he will be freed, and the blast wave of temporal energy unleashed will destroy your universe. You must stop the Primagen, Turok. Protect the Energy Totems at all cost. You will also be given additional mission objectives as you venture deeper into each of the worlds that you must explore.

The Port of Adia. This once-peaceful coastal village has been utterly destroyed by the Dinosoid army under the Primagen's command. In the hills surrounding the city, the battle wages on as stragglers are hunted down ruthlessly.

The Dinosoids are genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids. They are utterly evil and very dangerous. Though they do the Primagen's bidding, the Dinosoids have a more sinister and personal agenda of their own: to see humankind wiped from the face of the Earth. Your mission objectives are as follows: Activate three distress beacons. Rescue four children. Activate the Warp Portals. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."