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A frontiersman, Captain Tobias Bruckner was infamous for his extreme hatred against the American Indians and hated as a killer of their kind in Turok: Evolution. His ruthlessness accorded him the name "Red Snake" among the American Indian tribes of the southwestern United States.


Bruckner takes the appearance of a normal human in Evolution. He is around five to six feet tall, with a bulky, muscular frame and long hair.

He wears a shirt that is primarily blue, brown pants, a brown hat, and some boots. He is shown to have a lot of facial hair which matches his own hair color.

Turok: EvolutionEdit

Bruckner is first seen in the game's "Prologue" cutscene, where he is shown mercilessly executing American Indians from Tal'Set's tribe. However, the last person he kills, Chief Grey Bear, activates an ancient stone. As Bruckner looks over the body, he hears Tal'Set call his name. Before he can pivot to face him, Tal'Set cleaves his arm off with a War Club before sending him flying off a nearby cliff with a second blow.

This inadvertently sends Bruckner into the portal to the Lost Land. He was presumably picked up by Sleg forces and brought to Lord Tyrannus, who at some point gave him a cybernetic arm and allied him with the Sleg troops. He remains largely unseen until a small cutscene in Chapter 5.

Chapter 5Edit

Bruckner appears for the first time in-game, with a cybernetic arm and a very different appearance than he initially had in the game's Prologue. He speaks with Tal'Set for a very short time before Djunn arrives with a Sleg Dropship and saves Tal'Set and the Wise Father. Bruckner screams in anger as Tal'Set leaves the area. He is again absent until the very last level, "Vengeance."

Chapter 15Edit

The last time the player ever sees Bruckner, they are tasked with his destruction. This results in a large battle between Tal'Set, the Sleg, and, finally, Bruckner as he arrives on a Tyrannosaurus rex. A massive battle ensues, with Tal'Set slowly crippling the massive beast, before finally subduing it and making the T. rex collapse on top of Bruckner, completely defeated.


There are two outcomes possible for Bruckner's death, though the alternate scene is only in the Game Boy Advance version.

Console VersionsEdit

In the aftermath of the battle, Bruckner is trapped underneath his T. rex. Tal'Set denies him a warrior's death and leaves him to be devoured by a pack of Compsognathus.

GBA VersionEdit

In the GBA version, the player has the option to kill or spare him. If spared, Bruckner is overwhelmed with guilt and kills himself by detonating a grenade.

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