Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs is a 2D action platformer video game developed by Spanish video game company Bit Managers for the Game Boy.

Despite its name, the game is a Game Boy adaptation of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. The soundtrack was composed by Alberto Jose González, the founder of Bit Managers.


The plot remains the same as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Turok must stop the evil Campaigner from acquiring the eight pieces of the Chronoscepter and using its space-time rending properties to conquer the known universe.


This game played out as a side scrolling shooter, allowing the player to grab various weapons to fight the enemies thrown at them.

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There was little reception given for the game.

The January '98 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine gave the game a 6.7 out of 10, calling it "a good game for its genre."[2]

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