Turok: Resurrection, stylized as TUROK Resurrection, also known as Turok 5, was a failed pitched sequel to 2002's Turok: Evolution, tentatively originally set to release on October 1, 2006.[1]

Following the release of Turok: Evolution in 2002, a small team within Acclaim Studios Austin was placed in charge of starting development on a sequel. The game was slated to launch on the then next-generation consoles, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. However, the project was eventually abandoned in favor of other projects.

When the game was reported on in 2009, only concept art and a possible basic plot were known about before the project was cancelled.[2] In August, 2020, a leaked pitch document was released by the CEO of Night Dive Studios, detailing the game's title, plot, and planned gameplay elements.[3]


Not much is known about the development on Turok: Resurrection, however, its pitch document shines some light onto potential plans. It was said the game couldn't begin development any later than April, 2005, and plans for an engine overhaul were proposed.

Plans for budget were also laid out, as was the game's major development dates, which began with the game's greenlight in July 14, 2004, and ended with a tentative street-date launch on October 1, 2006.


Resurrection's plot was set to begin after the events of Evolution, with Tal'Set, the current Turok, sacrificing himself in a battle to defeat Lord Tyrannus and the remnants of his Sleg army. Tal'Set is transported to the spirit world, hailed as a hero, but is suddenly resurrected to battle a new threat: the Soulless. This new faction has overrun the Lost Land, and the spirit wells.

Turok, upon revival, is tasked with cleansing the spirit wells, and battling dinosaur and cyborg foe alike in an effort to stop the Soulless, with the spirit elders granting him spirit powers and weaponry enhanced with spirit powers from his fallen ancestors.


Gameplay plans for Resurrection were rudimentary at best. A new ability, dubbed "spirit powers" were a proposed gameplay feature that would "obliterate your enemies" but the extent of, and specific nature of this is unknown.

New gameplay features proposed included dual-wielding, however, new controls would've allowed the player to use a melee weapon in their left hand, and a ranged weapon in their right. 2008's Turok would adopt this feature in the vein of Halo, but would not feature a mix of ranged and close combat combinations.

The last major planned new gameplay feature was that of a new damage system centering around enemy limbs, enabling the player to cripple, but not kill their enemies.

A feature from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the ability to ride on the back of a dinosaur was also slated to return. Rather than a Styracosaurus, however, the Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops were the major candidates for this gameplay feature. Both were slated to feature miniguns and rocket launchers, akin to Bruckner's Tyrannosaurus rex.

Returning weapons would've included the War Club, the Tek Bow, and the Cerebral Bore, which was originally replaced by the Swarm Bore attachment in Evolution. Also hearkening back to older titles like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was the proposed return of warp levels, featuring secret pick ups.

Resurrection was proposed to have two player online co-op, a first in the franchise, and its multiplayer was slated to increase the player count from 4 player split-screen, to featuring 8 player games online, matching most other games of the time.

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