Turok is a series of comics created and published by Acclaim Entertainment's comics division, Acclaim Comics. The series is heavily influenced by the original video games in the franchise and therefore mainly focuses on two main characters: Joshua Fireseed and Tal'Set.


Cover GalleryEdit

Turok (1997)
Quarterlies The Empty SoulsSpring Break in the Lost LandTurok/Timewalker: Seventh Sabbath 1Turok/Timewalker: Seventh Sabbath 2RedpathChild of BloodTales of the Lost Land
Monthlies 1234
Specials The Way of the WarriorSeeds of EvilCurse of AdonTurok/Shadow Man
Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionTurok: Evolution
Acclaim Adventure Zone ExtinctionWhile the Cat's Away...Dinosaur Rodeo
Unpublished 5Scrounge RulesTurok/Forsaken
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