The Turok franchise is a multi-media franchise, generally centered around a Native American protagonist dubbed "Turok" fighting in a fantastical setting, merging characters, creatures, and locations, among other things from science-fiction and reality together.

The Turok franchise features distinct traits over its multiple games, movies, and comics, including but not limited to: a Native American protagonist, a bow and arrow as their distinct weapon of choice, dinosaurs, a non-saurian enemy alongside them, among other aspects.

The franchise began with, and has a long running series of comics, running over multiple continuities and characters. The original comic series, published by Western Publishing, began in 1954 and ran all the way until 1982. A new series began in 1993 under Valiant Comics' care, and ended in 1996. A third series, published by Acclaim Comics, was heavily inspired by the then-newly releasing video games and began in 1997, and ran until 2002. A fourth, new series began in 2010 under Dark Horse Comics, and ran for a year, until 2011. Finally, Dynamite Entertainment began a new comic series in 2014, which ran until 2015, and also released more Turok comics during 2017 and 2019.

The Turok franchise is also well-known for its video game entries, which began releasing in 1997, with the release of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, and continued up to 2008 with the release of a franchise reboot, Turok. The game series featured two distinct continuities, with Acclaim Entertainment's original continuity spanning from 1997's Dinosaur Hunter to 2002's Turok: Evolution. Propaganda Games' continuity spanned 2008's Turok, and a cancelled sequel dubbed Turok 2. A third, unrelated continuity, not connected to either series, while being heavily comic inspired, began with the release of Turok: Escape from Lost Valley in 2019.

The franchise would also be subject to a film release, with 2008's Turok: Son of Stone acting as an adaptation of the series' comic roots, rather than the then-most recent game release. Two film projects were pitched at separate times, but both were ultimately cancelled. A project undertaken by Adam Beach would be formally announced, and go dark following its announcement in 2008. Another film project involving Greg Russo was apparently in development in the early 2010s, but was cancelled due to issues involving the franchise's rights. The project had concept art released during 2019.

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  • Way of the Warrior
  • Seeds of Evil
  • Arena of Doom
  • Path of Destruction

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