Turok 2[1] was a planned and partially developed sequel to Turok. It was eventually cancelled mid-development, due to many layoffs at Propaganda Games[2].


Unlike Turok, Turok 2 was never officially announced. News of its existence came from news outlets reporting on its possible cancellation near the beginning of 2009. The cancellation was attributed to the economic crisis of 2008, which resulted in the laying off of 70 employees at the Vancouver-based Propaganda Games. In response to this news, Steve Wadsworth, the Walt Disney Internet Group President, issued the following statement:

"As you can imagine, given economic conditions, every industry has been impacted on a global scale. In response to this challenging business environment, we have examined ways in which we might be able to work more efficiently. The elimination of existing positions that we communicated today was a necessary step that we had hoped to avoid."
—Walt Disney Internet Group President Steve Wadsworth[2]

General news of the title ceased for a long while afterwards, given its fate. However, on January 27, 2012, nearly three years after its reported cancellation, and only one year after Propaganda Games' closing, a fourteen-second trailer was released on YouTube.[3] This glimpse of the title depicted a Tyrannosaurus rex storming into what is presumably a Mendel-Gruman Corporation outpost, eating one soldier and scaring the rest, all while taking copious amounts of gunfire, before it roars at the screen, which in turn leads to a close up shot of Joseph Turok's eyes.

In the months following, at an undetermined date, the first poster for Turok 2 was revealed.[4] It shows a post-Turok Joseph hunting two Jungle Utahraptors with his primal weaponry. The logo was also present in this case, showing a simple Turok 2.

Over the course of the next year or so, various pieces of concept art would be revealed, and on September 16, 2013, a massive amount of concept art, renders, and screenshots was leaked onto the internet.[5]

On June 9, 2015, a whopping five years after development on the title had ceased, former Turok animator Jeremy Brown released a teaser pitch for Turok 2. It is one minute in length, live-action, and depicts a post-Turok Joseph sharpening an ORO P23 Combat Knife as the camera pans over the hunting trophies mounted on his wall. As the trailer finished, a beige tinted "Turok 2" logo and a subsequent "Coming Soon" were shown.[6] While the trailer itself was a pitch thrown around at the time of the sequel's development, it was never fully realized until well after the title's cancellation.[7]


There is only one known mission for Turok 2.

Image Mission Description
Turok 2 cancelled Rumble in the Jungle screenshot.jpg Rumble in the Jungle "Introduction mission."

Possible plot

While the plot has not been revealed, several pieces of concept art put together a possible storyline. At one point Joseph Turok would be sent back to the terraformed planet from the previous installment, seemingly alone. Mendel-Gruman would still play the role of the antagonist with dinosaurs still remaining a neutral factor.

Some of the Mendel-Gruman soldiers either abandon their posts or lose power and/or communications with their stations. They build shantytowns and huts throughout the planet and incorporate "tribal" weapons with modern tech.

At one point during the game, Turok would have traveled through a desert and an orbital platform. A developmental name for the first level was "Rumble in the Jungle." Concept art for MG enemy variants also implies that a space theme would have been present at some point in the game.

At least one completely new species to the Turok franchise would have appeared: the Ork; however, it is unknown how this race would play out both during gameplay and in the storyline.


Cancelled Turok 2 pause menu screenshot..jpg

No gameplay footage exists of Turok 2. It is highly likely that it would play the same as Turok but with new features. One new confirmed feature in the game would have allowed players to play as dinosaurs, though specifically which ones is unknown. However, it has been shown that the dinosaurs would have been played in a third-person view, in contrast to the primarily first-person gameplay of the first Turok, as seen in screenshots showcasing the Jak, a weapon which controls dinosaurs. 

New weapons. such as an assault rifle would have appeared with several new variants of dinosaurs. A weapon known as the Jak would possibly allow players to control dinosaurs and kill enemies. This is supported by images of a menu showcasing a option to configure dinosaur controls. Many of the dinosaur species would have had multiple variants, all depending on the environment in which they were found. Known variants include jungle species, desert species, and swamp species of both the Utahraptor and the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Due to there being concept art of various human enemies (MG and Savage), it is possible that they would all act the same during gameplay and would only be different visually.


Turok 2 was showcased as having a multiplayer segment, as seen in multiple screenshots. The user interface looked very similar to Turok's UI, with only minor changes in terms of function. In appearance, it was overhauled to look more organic.

Turok 2 would have included playable dinosaurs; however, to what extent the player could use said beasts is unknown. This is shown as the player is able to alter and configure dinosaur controls in a menu screenshot.

As seen in a screenshot, Capture the Flag would be the first, and so far only, known returning game type from the previous title; however, possible alterations to the game type beyond that are unknown as of this point.

Returning to multiplayer would have been the inclusion of the "Trueskill" system, which matches competing players with others based on their skill level and rating in-game. There is a multiplayer tab called "Rank," though it is unknown if this is a global, numerical rank based on game types or if it represents a separate ranking system.


Based on screenshots, renders, and concept art released thus far, Turok 2 was well into development, as Propaganda Games had developed a miniature trailer, an in-house multiplayer beta for the game, and even renders for dinosaurs and weaponry, ranging from the assault rifle to the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Most of the development timeline is shrouded in mystery, as Turok 2 was not even revealed until after its cancellation in 2009. This would place core development time around mid to late 2008 to early 2009, shortly before cancellation in 2009.

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Sources indicate that despite Turok 2 being well into development, with at least one campaign mission and a closed multiplayer beta present, it was cancelled sometime around early 2009.

Reasons for cancellation were due to layoffs at Propaganda Games, with over 70 members being laid off at a certain point in 2008. This led to a domino effect, with Propaganda's other game, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, being shuttered alongside Turok 2.

After this cancellation, it took a few years for conclusive items from the game to show up, such as concept art, renders, and the aforementioned teaser trailer.


  • Erroneously, certain articles detailing the game's cancellation labelled it as Turok 6.[8] Chronologically, the game would've effectively been Turok 7, being the sequel to the 2008 Turok, with the then-untitled, obscure Turok: Resurrection being dubbed Turok 5 in development documents.

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