The following refers to the policies which a user must follow upon editing on the Turok Wiki. Please contact the Turok Wiki Administrators if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Current Bureaucrats and Administrators

The following is a list of the current Administrators of the Wikia. They maintain pages, oversee coding in the Wiki, and they also determine more serious matters, such as kicks in the Wiki Chat, or bans, either in the mainspace, or in the Wiki Chat system.

Note: Fellow Admins, feel free to edit your little description from the one I placed as a placeholder.


Bureaucrats are the technical "leaders" of the Wikia. They maintain the rights to promote, or demote users to the Administrator, Chat Moderator, or Rollback position. They also possess the rights to rename, protect, or delete pages and articles. The current Bureaucrats of the Wiki are:

BaconSkittles - Oversees edits and other details.
Edits: 281
Telepathesis - Oversees edits and other details, coder (to some degree).
Edits: 0


Administrators possess near the same rights as Bureaucrats, however, they cannot promote users to any higher positions of power, besides Chat Moderator.

Project Predacon - Oversees edits, maintains coding, and the news portion of the Wiki. 
Edits: 10,958
Saizou1607 - Oversees edits and other details.
Edits: 924


Proper Article Format: All articles must adhere to previous article standards. For example, in the creation of a weapons page, look at other fleshed out pages on certain weaponry, and follow the layout, including the inclusion of templates. 

Proper Weapon articles should look like this.

Proper Character articles should look like this.

Note: There IS a color code in place for article templates. For articles which pertain to, or first appeared in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the template's border color is green, for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, it's blue, for Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion, it's orange, for Turok: Rage Wars it's purple. Lastly, for Turok: Evolution, it's red.

For the reboot series, which includes Turok (2008), and Turok 2 , the 2008 reboot has the color lime as its template color, and Turok 2 has silver. 

For articles which pertain to the comics, the border color is gold, which the border color of the name is black.

Editing Violations: While rare, editing violations do hold consequences in the case of multiple offenses. Upon the first offense, the user in question will be given a warning on their message wall from an Administrator. Upon the second offense, another warning will be granted. However, once a user exceeds three warnings, said user will be punished with a 1 day edit ban. The next will be a 3 day ban, and then a weeks ban. Any new ideas for articles should be told to an Admin, so they can determine if it's useful and then voted on.

Note: Any bans which are a year, or exceed a year in length are to be determined by the Administrators and Bureaucrats.

Image Upload Policies: ​Images that are uploaded shoud be appropriate for any article they are posted in. Sexual, or pornographic images will be deleted immediately, and such action will result in a warning. Fan-art will not be allowed on articles, but they are permitted on user pages. And any images from the game must be official, without the obvious use of any modifications in the game itself, the same goes for texture pack based images.