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The skeleton of an unidentified giant theropod appears in various places throughout Turok.


This animal is only seen as a skeleton in-game. The skull bears a striking resemblance to a Tyrannosaurus rex skull. Its body is large, with each rib towering over the landscape, even over the size of the game's main dinosaur antagonist, Mama Scarface.


The dinosaur's remains appear in three levels: in the "Bad Blood" chapter near the chopper wreckage, where a rib cage and a skull are found; another in the "Mother Superior" chapter surrounding the Tyrannosaurus rex nest, where just a rib cage is found; and a third at the beginning of "Heroes End," in the area where the Dilophosaurus, attack the ribs are seen on top of the nests, hinting that there are more than just one of these creatures.



Due to the fact that the Mendel-Gruman Corporation experimented on dinosaurs, it may be possible this creature was the result of experimentation. The giant dinosaur may also be an easter egg reference to Godzilla.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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