"They're drawn to the flare..."
—Slade and Joseph Turok, on the Utahraptor and its attraction to flares

The Utahraptor, more commonly known as the "Raptor", is a dinosaur that appears throughout the Turok franchise.


Turok: Dinosaur HunterEdit

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A variant of the Utahraptor appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter under the name of Raptor. They are depicted as generally large, with brown skin. Unique to them is a metallic spike present on their nose, which is presumed to be artificial.

Turok: EvolutionEdit

The Utahraptors of Turok: Evolution share the same appearance as those of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. They are present in the early jungle levels and the Dark Jungle. To add to this, variants also have blue and orange skin, while others are black with white stripes. 



The default Utahraptor in Turok has the same basic appearance as the series's predecessors; however, they can come in a variety of coloration, the first being a yellow-ish beige, the second being a darker brown/black color, and the last being a deep, but easily noticeable, blue hue.

Early on in Turok's development, these Utahraptors only appeared in their brown-ish color and appeared in a much more zombie-like manner, with a more hostile and intimidating overall appearance.

Spitter UtahraptorEdit

A grey coloured version of the Utahraptor that spits poison. It resembles a regular Utahraptor with the exception that it possesses no feathers. In their place, it has spines sticking out of its back and a yellow sack under its neck. In essence, the Spitter can perform all of the attacks of a regular Utahraptor, but it can also spit poison.

The poison can kill the player with two direct hits, and it also hinders their movement for a few seconds. While it is never stated in game, it is believed that the Spitters are a result of the Mendel-Gruman Corporation experimenting with genetic engineering, such as with the Razor Wings since they both secrete a glue-like acid.

Albino UtahraptorEdit

While not a true variant like the Spitter, Albino Utahraptors are physically the same as a standard Utahraptor with pale skin and stripes on their back. They also have glowing red and white eyes and are first encountered in the level "Death Valley" in the caves. They are also encountered in the abandoned MG Base in Mother Superior.

They are only active at night or in dark places like caves. It is possible that it is due to living their whole lives in darkness that they have lost their natural skin pigmentation and, thus, appear as a pale color compared to standard Utahraptors. It is highly possible that this underground lifestyle gives them sensitive eyes, which would explain why they only appear in dark places and never in the sunlight.

Turok 2

Turok 2 would have included a few variants of Utahraptors based on the environment. The differences would be more noticeable then a simple skin color change, and it would have added differing visual features to the Utahraptors. The variants include:

Jungle UtahraptorEdit

Jungle Utahraptors are Utahraptors that live in the jungle. They have more feathers and appear more like their real-life counterparts than other variants. They are also more colorful than other variants and are exclusive to lush, jungle areas.

A render of the jungle Utahraptor shows the dinosaur having no feathers, which might have hinted at two variants of the jungle Utahraptor.

Desert UtahraptorEdit

As their name suggests, desert Utahraptors live in dry areas such as deserts. Instead of having feathers like their jungle counterparts, they have rock-like spikes on their body and are more tan-brown in color.

It is very possible that the rock like scales would have given them increased damage resistance.

The desert raptor is the most prevalent variant in Turok 2's artwork and screenshots, and thus far, it is the only dinosaur besides the desert Tyrannosaurus to appear in content besides concept art, as there are a few screenshots containing it, including one with the dinosaur being controlled by the Jak.

Swamp UtahraptorEdit

As their name suggests they live in aquatic environments, especially swamps. The swamp Utahraptor's appearance is the most drastically different from other Utahraptors as they have several fish-like features, such as fins along their necks, backs, and tails and thin, sharp teeth specialized for eating aquatic animals.

There is only concept art of this creature, unlike the other variants, which have renders and even screenshots shown of them.


Turok: Dinosaur HunterEdit

Utahraptors in Dinosaur Hunter act as a rogue dinosaur force. Unlike later titles, they tend to be slower with their movements, but trade it for erratic strafing patterns.

Turok: EvolutionEdit

Utahraptors are found early on in Evolution, first being encountered during "Jungle Hunter" before being found again during multiple levels of The Shadowed Lands in Chapter 6.

The Sleg also capture Utahraptors and keep them penned up inside the Sleg Fortress. Some variants have the ability to use a jump attack, but this is only present in The Shadowed Lands.


Turok's Utahraptors act much like their predecessors, being quick, pack-hunting enemies. These dinosaurs can now jump consistently, over being limited with the ability, and they have a better footspeed than every human player in the game, making them agile.

Like most other dinosaurs, they're also attracted to flares, and will attack each other and MG forces if a flare is launched and stuck to them.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Turok Defense ForceEdit

The Turok Defense Force achievement is unlocked by fighting off 20 Utahraptor mauls via quick time event.

It's A Trap!Edit

It's a Trap will unlock once the player succeeds in luring 5 dinosaurs to soldiers to kill them off for them.

Dino HunterEdit

This achievement will unlock once the player kills off 20 dinosaurs in one public multiplayer game. Utahraptors are the only dinosaurs present in public matches, outside of the occasional Dilophosaurus.

Grab BagEdit

Grab Bag involves the player having to kill a themselves, an enemy, and a dinosaur in a public game, with Utahraptors being the ever present force in these multiplayer games.


  • The Utahraptors in Turok feature inaccurately pronated (facing the body) hands, like the raptors of the Jurassic Park series.
  • In Turok, the albino Utahraptors are significantly less durable than the regular and Spitter Utahraptors. They can only tank two shots from the shotgun, while the other two variants can tank three to four shots.
  • The Utahraptors of Turok are very close to the size of an actual Utahraptor, while they also possess a few head feathers similar to the Velociraptors of Jurassic Park III. Unlike their real counterparts, it's more probable Utahraptors had a full coat of feathers and even wing feathers on their arms.

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