"Spread out and search the area for survivors."
"Roger that, V-M out."
—The Overlord and Squad Leader

V-M is a multi-class unit of Mendel-Gruman Corporation soldiers that were to locate and kill the remaining members of Whiskey Company during the events of Turok.


V-M consisted of a few classes of MG Soldiers. It was a very diverse squad in terms of the members who were included in it. The commander of the squad was an MG Elite, while the underlings were scattered throughout the room they were stationed in.

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V-M's objective was to stop Joseph Turok and Shepard during the events of "Salt in the Wound." They were stationed inside an abandoned Mendel-Gruman base and were essentially caught in the dark when Turok and his companion entered.

The commander and his two MG Grunt escorts where swiftly cut down, leaving the nearby Elite and MG Pyro to deal with Turok. When they perished, three Grunts and an MG Heavy Weapons unit were sent in. The Grunts were cut down, while the Heavy was killed after a brief, but difficult skirmish.

In one final attempt to stop the small Whiskey force, one more Heavy, alongside two more Grunts, were sent to cut Turok and Shepard off from the doorway. They were easily dispatched, rendering V-M Squad offline and eliminated.

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