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The War Blade is a weapon exclusive to Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. It consists of large, sharp, retractable metal blades.


The War Blade is an arm-mounted gauntlet that has a sharp, split blade. It attaches to the owner's arm with leather straps, and the blade seems to retract on its own.

It is much larger than the standard Talon.


The War Blade is an upgrade to the Talon. As such, it is stronger and more effective. It has slightly more reach than its starter equivalent.

Like any melee weapon, it can be used to conserve ammo. It is best to use against smaller, weaker pests like Leapers, spider hatchlings, Mantid Mites, and Compsognathus.

A must-use combo to conserve ammo is using the Charge Dart Rifle to stun large enemies and then switching to the War Blade for a quick kill.


  • Along with the Talon, this weapon is one of the few that can be used underwater.

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