"Good to the last shot."
—Whiskey Company motto

Whiskey Company is a large military company comprised of members of the United States Marine Corps. One of Whiskey Company's missions was to capture the war criminal Roland Kane. While arriving in orbit over the terraformed planet, their ship was shot down by an MG S.A.M. and split into two parts over the terrain, scattering the survivors.

Regrouping quickly, the remaining members of Whiskey Company made a base camp and prepared to escape the planet. This did not come with ease as the survivors faced a hostile planet full of dinosaurs and MG soldiers. After suffering heavy losses, only three members of Whiskey Company made it off of the planet.

Members (By Rank)Edit

  • Unknown
    • Jericho (Heavy Soldier) - KIA. Killed while defending Turok and Shepard.
    • Alpha Team - Unknown. Possibly KIA.
    • Beta Team - Unknown. Possibly KIA.
    • Delta Team - Unknown. Possibly KIA.
    • Gamma Team - KIA. Killed trying to get an MG Helicopter.
    • Unidentified prisoner - Unknown. Discharged and sent to prison for possible violence.
    • 12+ unidentified members. All KIA by various means.
    • 1+ unidentified member killed by an MG Soldier before Turok could help.
    • 2+ unseen along with Henderson killed during the crash site battle mentioned by Cowboy ("Three dead, including Louis and Cole").

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