Whiskey Company's ship is an unidentified space craft that appears in Turok. The ship was on its way to the terraformed planet carrying Whiskey Company until it was shot down by a Mendel-Gruman Corporation S.A.M. site.

Appearance and Current ArmamentsEdit

Part of the ship was used as shelter by Whiskey Company throughout their stay on the planet. Not much is known about the ship other than that it had an armory and cryogenic pods. Due to the presence of the cryo-pods, it is possible that the ship may or may not have had faster than light abilities which would require the crew to stay in cryostasis to preserve resources.

On the side of the ship there are at least four visible turrets, meaning the ship's crew may have been expecting resistance in the form of another ship, or possibly the orbital platforms mentioned in Turok 2's concept.

Landing OperationsEdit

It is as of yet unknown how personnel would deploy onto the planet's surface. Cole mentioned the ship would "touchdown in thirty minutes."

The ship could possibly have some unseen method of entering the planet's atmosphere without being destroyed similar to how the space shuttle used to enter the atmosphere. It is also possible the crew would deploy to the surface via dropship, but this is never stated.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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