Wolf Pack is a faction featured in Turok. The faction's leaders serve as the game's main antagonists.


Wolf Pack is a squad of elite black ops commandos that have been personally trained in the arts of Spec-Ops fighting by General Roland Kane. They can be distinguished by their dark armor that allows them to be camouflaged at night.

Constantly trained in the art of using the ORO P23 Combat Knife and the ORO C9 Perforator Bow, Wolf Pack is known as one of the most deadly and controversial units of its time. Joseph Turok was criticized when he first entered Whiskey Company because of his past involvement with Wolf Pack.

The state of Wolf Pack is unknown following Kane and John Grimes' joining with the Mendel-Gruman Corporation and their subsequent deaths.



  • Due to Kane attempting to recruit military prisoners, it could be possible that Wolf Pack is a penal military unit.[1]
  • In Turok's multiplayer, MG forces are referred to as Wolf Pack.
  • Based on Grimes' dialogue with Turok, it is possible that other members of Wolf Pack may have joined Mendel-Gruman with him and Kane after their departure.

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